About Josh


Hi everyone!  My name is Josh Gilpin.  I was born and raised in Spring, TX and I feel privileged to call Austin my home.  I have lived in Austin since 2000 and I started ATX Guitar Lessons in 2010. 

History with Guitar

I have a long story with guitar and will no doubt share the details in our lessons.  The highlights are that I am a classical guitar performance graduate from Southwestern University.  I play classical, rock, blues, jazz, finger-style, funk, etc.  My whole life is guitar and music and I love sharing my passion and knowledge with my students and  watching them grow as musicians.  I teach all of the above as well as music theory and application, and performance. 

Teaching Style

Austin Guitar Lessons, Student Guitar Recital

I am a patient instructor that focuses on each student's individual  goals.  I want you to learn the music that you enjoy as well as all skills, guitar techniques and theory to become a rounded musician and guitarist.  Every student is different and I adapt lessons to each  learning style.  My main goals are for the student to have fun learning and make steady progress.  I make sure each student receives detailed instruction, feedback, and most importantly, guidance on how to practice in a way that yields the strongest and quickest results.  Effective practice is the determining factor in each student's success. 

Practice Habits

The importance of practice cannot be emphasized enough.  A student's lessons alone will not bring about success.   My job is to make sure that each student practices concepts that will  enhance their ability and understanding of the guitar and also to make sure that it is done as effectively as possible.  I recommend having set  days and times for practice with a minimum of 3 days, 30 minutes each,  and focusing on 1-2 items with each practice session.  Regular practice results in steady improvement and heightened curiosity.  I love being asked questions and watching my students become interactive and inquisitive with the guitar as they learn. 

Where Do You Teach?

Austin Guitar Lessons, Guitar Lessons for Children

I teach at my home studio in the Northwest Austin area, and am close to Round Rock, Pflugerville and Cedar Park.